martes, 16 de julio de 2019

¡GM Cheating!

Was chess grandmaster caught looking at pawn on the toilet? Cheating scandal after competitor is found using his phone in the bathroom during competition in France
Police are investigating after Igors Rausis, who has represented Latvia, Bangladesh and the Czech Republic, was caught 'red-handed' in France, the game's governing body Fide said.
Phones are banned at chess tournaments because of chess software that can be used to suggest winning moves.
Rausis, aged 58, had aroused suspicion by reaching the game's top echelon at an age most players decline in strength.
The former Latvian champion was hailed as an inspiration to older players as he climbed from a Fide rating of around 2500 - the level of an average grandmaster - to the verge of 2700 in six years.